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A revival has come and a revival is here to stay: Prophet Obed Nkrumah (Holy Spirit Embassy)

One Day after a Reinhard Bonnke Crusade, a young man refused to leave the grounds. He was bent on meeting Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. While all floodlights of the Crusade grounds went down, The headlights of Papa Reinhard’s Car fell on a young boy who stood in a wild bush of elephant grasses. That was David, a young boy who got “saved” at the Crusade.

“Why are you still here young man”, Papa Reinhard asked. The Young Man replied “I joined your Crusade and received JESUS as my Lord and Personal Saviour”. Reinhard Bonnke was so happy to hear such a great news. The young man wore a seemingly troubled countenance. His demeanour called for many questions so he asked again “why are you still here, if I may ask?”.
The Young man Responded “I have received JESUS but I want to receive the HOLYSPIRIT as Well. I am not leaving until I receive Him too. Papa Reinhard was so touched and under the instruction of the HOLYSPIRIT, he laid his hands on the boy and prayed for him. Suddenly what was like an electric current vibrated through his body. The young boy was slain by the Power of the HOLYSPIRIT and after a while, got up, said “thank you”, and left.

2 years later, the Lord sent Reinhard Bonnke to the same country for a crusade and while he was preparing to preach, he heard a knock on his door. To his surprise, that was David: The young boy from the crusade he had years back.
He was so happy to meet Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke again. He shared many stories on how The HOLYSPIRIT changed his life from the very Day he received Him, and joyously expressed how the Holy Spirit had used him mightily in his village to raise a dead child and healed his chief’s daughter who was lame.
He testified of many miracles which compelled the chief to call for a Ten-days JESUS-crusade for soul Winning.

We have received a lot as a church, we have received JESUS by confession but we need The Full Baptism. We need the full baptism of His Spirit. I’m talking about the baptism of the HOLYGHOST and HIS POWER. I’m talking about the ACTS 10:38 kind of Encounter(Anointing) that validated the Ministry of our Lord JESUS.

The wind of Revival has Began, Let us catch the Fire 🔥. I see a Gathering of “men” filled with the Holy Ghost, moving in a Vibrant Faith and unfeigned Loved for JESUS. I see a people driven by the HOLYSPIRIT to Take nations, towns and cities for the Lord. It all begins with the HOLYGHOST and His Power. A REVIVAL HAS COME AND A REVIVAL IS HERE TO STAY!!!

We are enlisted for this Great Move of God!

By: Prophet Obed Nkrumah –

Holy Spirit Embassy International

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Wind of change

Wind of Revival

source: Prophet Obed Nkrumah.

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