Ministry work is by a chosen grace. It doesn’t conform to backgrounds, abilities, inabilities, qualifications or connections. That’s why the people who look unqualified and incompetent often wear the garment of ministry more than those perceived to be more qualified.

Every divine assignment needs divine enabling power for performance. No one can become successful in ministry without the anointing. Your qualifications, background and the people you know are not the answer to the success of your ministry because ministry is not by the strength of man

When God calls you into ministry, He releases His grace that enables you to perform. And when you embrace His grace, signs and wonders take place. Influence and impact becomes your trademark.

Jesus Christ could not do ministry without the anointing of the Spirit. The work of the ministry is not possible without the anointing. The anointing is the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit at work in an individual to bring about transformation. The anointing turned Jesus Christ into another man; it moved him from the realm of the ordinary to the extraordinary. Crave for the anointing. Do everything to receive the anointing and when it comes, jealously protect it.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit is the principal thing you need to do the work of the ministry, among other things.

Once you are genuinely anointed, many people will have their opinions about you, about the anointing and the call of God upon your life. The anointing will attract good people. It’ll attract bad people too. The anointing will attract persecutions, accusations and attacks. You will encounter many critics. Expect them, but make sure to protect the anointing upon your life and ministry.

In the year 2000, a senior prophet told me God has not called me, will never call me and can never call me into ministry. I don’t know on what grounds he said that to me but I never allowed those words to place doubt on the calling of God upon my life. I knew I was divinely chosen and I wasn’t going to allow any human projection to sway me from my conviction.

Not everyone will believe that the hand of God is on your life and ministry. Not everyone will accept the truth of your calling and your ministry. Many will have their own opinion about your ministry. Some may even pull out your past to attack your personality and question your genuineness. Others will rely on hearsay and try to destroy your name and reputation. But never allow the opinions of people to destroy the ministry God has given to you.

Ministry is purely an act of divine selection and not based on people’s opinion or suggestion. You were not anointed to operate by the opinion of men. Don’t loose yourself when accusations and persecutions come. Be encouraged, be strengthened, be bold and receive grace to make full proof of your life and ministry.

Prophet Bernard Elbernard Nelson-Eshun.

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